OM GANPATYE NAMAH * OM NAMO NARAYAN * OM AIM HAREEM KLEEM CHAMUNDAYEE VICCHAYE * OM NAMO BHAIRVAYEE * OM SHIV GORAKSHAYE NAMO NAMAH * OM JAHARVEERAYE NAMAH*ओं गणपतये नमः*ओं नामो नारायण*ओं महाकालिकाए नमः*ओं नमः भैरवाए*ओं शिव गोरक्षए नमो नमः*ओं जाहरवीराय नमः

Totkas for prosperity,Easy Methods for prosperity



Many people on this earth don?t know their exact birth dates. That is

the reason they are unable to make their horoscopes and find the right

solution for their problems. In this case some Totkas are very useful.

These methods enable one to find the easy solution of many problems.

This article describes some such Totkas .

*You can be benefitted by following one or the other of these Totkas-

1.* Offer a bottle of scent to Goddess Laxmi on Deepawali night or at

the time of Eclipse. Apply this scent and then go for work. Your

business or whatever profession you are in shall prosper.


*2.* Offer Saffron to Goddess Laxmi on Deepawali night or at the time of

Eclipse. Rub this saffron with Sandal on a stone and make a paste. Apply

this paste regularly on forehead before going to your work place. Your

profession shall enhance.


*3.* Native who has speech disorder like stammering etc. should do this

remedy. Burn 11 kodis till they turn into ash on first Wednesday of

Shukla Paksha. Then immerse this ash in flowing water. Do this remedy

for five Wednesdays. You can do this remedy on the day of Deepawali also.


*4. *Take 11 Kodis which are said to be prosperity giving , 7 Gomati

Chakras and 7 Sulemami Hakiks. Put tilak with Turmeric powder and place

them on yellow cloth at Pooja place. You can make a potli out of all

these and keep this potli in the cash box. Goddess Laxmi gets appeased

and shower her blessings


*5. *Those who have failed to get job after many trials should do this

remedy. Take one Lemon; go to Choraha ( a place where four roads meet).

Cut the Lemon into four parts and throw all of them in four directions.

While you are doing this you should keep your wish in your heart. After

that, straightaway come back home. Do this remedy regularly for seven

days before Sun rise. Success shall be bestowed on you.


*6. *Squeeze juice from a Lemon and throw this juice at clay built place

in your shop / profession. All problems related to your shop will be

solved and your sale shall enhance.


*7. *To enhance your customers, take one beetle nut, a copper coin, 7

Gomati chakras on Deepawali night or at the time of Eclipse, then keep

all these items under a Peepal tree. On coming Monday, bring a leaf from

that tree and keep that under cushion or in cash box of your shop.


*8. *Indrani Yantra is an amazing yantra for prosperity. If business is

completely flopped. Customers don?t enter in the shop, in that case

business enhancer Indrani Yantra should be established at the Pooja

place of your shop. You shall get the results immediately.


*9. *At the time of Eclipse, or Deepawali night, light a Mustard oil

Deepak and put one black colour kodi into it the whole night. In the

morning take out it from the oil. Wipe it and keep it into your purse.

Your purse shall always be full of money.


*10. *Colour raw yarn or thread with Saffron on Deepawali night or at

the time of Eclipse. Keep it at your work place or cash box. Your

prosperity shall enhance.


*11. *If your profession is completely flopped, or you are the victim of

evil eye, in that case tie 11 Gomati Chakras in red cloth and make a

potli out of this. then tie it on the main entrance door or on the frame

of the door of the shop. Immediately, all evil effects of Tantrik

activities shall come to an end.


*12.* Tension between husband & wife often destroys the peace &

happiness in the family. There are so many issues that become the cause

of tension between marital relationships. In that case this remedy is

very useful. Keep 11 Gomati Chakras in a container of red vermillion

(sindoor). Keep this container at home. Peace & happiness shall stay for

long time in the family.


*13. *On Wednesday, Take eight Gomati Chakras, rotate two Gomati Chakras

around your head and throw them in one direction. Do the same with other

Gomati Chakras and throw them in four directions. This shall remove the

evil effects of Tantric Karmas performed on you.


*14. *If you are facing any legal hassle, in that case keep 5 Gomati

Chakras in your pocket before going to the court. Keep that foot first

which side breath is going on; you shall get victory in the case.


*15.* Keep 11 Gomati Chakras in pure water, after that give this water

to drink to the patient who has been suffering since long. The patient

shall be recovered very soon.


*16.* Those who aspire for promotion, offer 21 Gomati Chakras to lord

Shiva Temple. The hurdles in your promotion shall be removed.


*17.* if you have credited your money. But the person is not returning

your money, In that case, take 11 Gomati Chakras. Bring the image of

that person in front of you and request to your favorite Deity by your

heart that your money should be returned to you soon. After that, burry

these Gomati Chakras near Peepal Tree.


*18. *If the patient is not cured even after regular medication in that

case, rotate 11 Gomati chakras around the head of the patient and

immersed them in flowing water. While you are doing this ,request to God

to cure the patient soon. Patient shall start recovering very soon.

Repeat this remedy consecutive for five Mondays. Remember this. During

this process, medicine of patient should not be stopped.


*19. *If you feel, that someone has cast evil eye on you, and you have

been undergoing turmoil?s for long time, or there is pitra Dosha or prêt

Dosha which puts hurdles in your success. In that case do this remedy

for 43 days. Take some milk and mix into it nine drops of Honey. Then

sprinkle this Milk in each & every corner of the house. Left over Milk

should be poured on the main entrance door of the house. This remedy

shall remove many evil effects of the family.


*20. *If you are victim of bad dreams, ghosts, evil souls trouble you,

and you are not able to sleep due to this reason in that case. Bring a

branch of Peepal Tree at home. Wash it with Gangajal and keep it under

the pillow while sleeping. Your problem will be solved.


*21. *Burn dry Neem Tree leaves near the bed of diseased person, who is

afflicted by superficial hindrances.


*22.* Take whole Salt, Alum, Google, loban, White Sandal powder and mix

them all. Burn them on Cow Dung Cake and show the smoke in the entire

house. Its smoke has the potential to remove all superficial hindrances.


*23. *Keep 100 gm Rakt Gunja in red small pouch and keep it under the

pillow, while sleeping. The patient will not be scared & can have sound

sleep. If you feel that your house is under the influence of evil

spirits, in that case to remove the evil effects you should establish

Bhoot prêt Badha Niwaran Yantra at your Pooja place and light a Mustard

oil lamp everyday in front of this Yantra in the evening. This shall not

only remove all obstacles but open the new ways to progress.


*24.* If you face obstacles in your marriage and not able to find the

suitable spouse , in that case, offer a crest to Lord Vishnu in laxmi

Narayan temple on Thursday along with 21 Basan ladoos. All obstacles

shall be removed and the native gets married soon.


*25. *Take an old opened lock and rotate this anti clock wise around

that person whose marriage is getting delayed. After that, keep it at

the place where four roads meet in the night quietly, without disclosing

it to anyone. Don?t see backward and come back home. This remedy should

be done on Thursday of Shukla paksha. The native shall get marry very soon.


*26.* There are plenty of marriage proposals but no proposal get

materialized, in that case take 7 dry Coconuts and rotate them 7 times

around the head of affected boy or girl and immerse them into flowing water.


*27.* If the native is overage of marriage and there is absolute denial

of marriage proposal. In that case, the girl should establish katyayani

Mahayantra along with Shri Yantra at Pooja place in her house. She will

be blessed with groom very soon.


*28.* Stand under the shade of Peepal Tree and pour water to the tree in

which raw milk and sugar is mixed. Start this remedy from first Saturday

of Shukla paksha. Make it a regular routine to offer water to Peepal

Tree as it removes many hurdles coming on the way of your prosperity &



*29.* If there are frequent fights between husband & wife, in that case,

wife should offer some part of her food to the fire on which food is

cooked and sprinkle Milk to calm down the fire. In cities, cooking gas

is mostly used for cooking; sprinkle some milk before switching off the

gas. You shall get the relief from the fights and there will be peace at



*30.* If someone is not keeping well in the family since long and

medicine doesn?t work in that case make a ball of kneaded dough. Fill a

vessel with water and rotate this water and ball around the head of the

patient 7 times. After that pour this water into the plants and give

this flour ball to Cow. Do this remedy for consecutive 11 days.


*31. *If you are a government employee and wants your transfer at the

desired place. Offer water to rising Sun in the morning. Mix 21 seeds of

red Chillies into this water. Do this remedy for consecutive 43 days.

Your wish shall be granted very soon.


*32. *If the child is the victim of evil eye and trouble a lot in that

case take a Cotton whick. Dip it into the Mustared oil and rotate this

anticlock wise around the head of the child 7 times and burn it in one

corner of the room. It shall remove the evil eye.


*33.* In order to take prevention of superficial spirits, never ever

urinate under a tree / in water / in fire and in the direction which

faces Sun. Burn dry Neem leaves near the bed of superficial spirit?s

affected person. Beside this burn whole Salt, Alum, Google, loban, white

Sandle powder on Cow Dung Cake. Show this smoke in every place of the

house. That shall liberate one from all the turbulence caused by

superficial spirits.



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